IBM Unveiled The new Green Power 7 chips Technology

Monday, February 8, 2010

IBM Hardware and software giant's has unveiled the latest version of its Power processors, which will form a foundation for companies green IT efforts . This type of Green power processors help into new revenue streams. IBM is keen to tap into users' energy concerns while boosting revenue.

The IBM Green Power 7 chips, launched today which only use a quarter of the energy used by the Power 6, but this new products offer double the performance.

With an increasing heap of IT equipment packed into corporate datacenters, firms have been wrestling with spiraling energy costs, prompting companies like IBM and Microsoft to beat an increasingly eco-friendly thump.

Ross Mauri, the company's general manager of Power systems said that IBM's Smarter Planet strategy aims to build green technologies, which will require lower-power processors.

The Power 7 chips, which compete against Sparc and Niagara processors from Sun JAVA (now part of Oracle) and Hewlett-Packard's Itanium chips, support the Unix, AIX, and Linux operating systems.
IBM also unveiled four new mid-range servers, the first to feature Power 7 chips.