cloud vs dedicated : server benchmark comparison chart

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

What is Cloud storage?

Cloud storage is a model of networked online storage where data is stored on virtualized pools of storage which are generally hosted by third parties. People who require their data to be hosted buy or lease storage capacity from them and use it for their storage needs.

Resources are maintained according to the requirements of the customer and expose them as storage pools.

How Cloud storage Works?

Cloud storage refers to saving data to an off-site storage system maintained by a third party, instead of storing information to your computer's hard drive or other local storage device, you save it to a remote database. if you store your data on a cloud storage system, you'll be able to get to that data from any location that has Internet access.

The dedicated server, on the other hand, provides a specified resource limit based on the literal hardware installed and configured on the server. The dedicated servers guarantee 100% of the resources contained in that physical server are reserved and available for that user whether needed or not.

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Advantages of Cloud storage is, Storage maintenance tasks, such as backup, data replication, and purchasing additional storage devices are offloaded to the responsibility of a service provider, allowing organizations to focus on their core business. Right storage system allow other people to access the data, turning a personal project into a collaborative effort.­ The server benchmark comparison chart of Web Hosting provides full details.

Cloud storage is highly fault tolerant through redundancy and distribution of data. Cloud storage has a role to play in many organizations. For the specific enterprise vertical markets the cloud storage can be especially beneficial.

The need to retain data forever, and also be able to quickly gain access to information that has not been needed for years, breaks the traditional archive-to-tape way of thinking. Cloud storage may be the ideal solution to the long retain, quick retrieve problem.