Light Weight Anti Virus

Sunday, July 26, 2009

I bought a new computer this weekend and I got Norton 360 preinstalled in it. My computer configuration was very high. But my computer’s performance was very slow day by day. I uninstalled Norton and my computer’s performance rocked. However, I don’t want my computer to get affected by virus and latest threats. I was searching for a better anti-virus and at the same time, it should also not slow down my PC’s performance. The answer was VIPRE.

VIPRE Antivirus Software is fast and light. VIPRE is a new product in the computer protection market that combines anti-spy ware, antivirus, anti-root kit, and other protection into a flawless, tightly-integrated product that offers you the powerful protection against today’s highly complex malware threats which are changing every day by means of system scans, real-time monitoring with Active Protection™, email protection, and threat data integration. This is a new product and there is a free 15-day working trial of the product. The ultimate thing was it doesn’t make the PC slow.