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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

In today’s modern world, internet plays a vital role in our day to day life. Most of the people share their thoughts and express the day to day views through their own website or blog.

Web Hosting is the place where you can store all the data and files of your website or blog. Web hosting is really necessary for hosting a website.

However hosting a website or blog is very easy. But many don’t get the best services from the service provider. In fact choosing the right web hosting service is quite difficult.

How to choose a Good Web hosting company?

While hosting the web site or blog the most essential factors that we must look for is price, disk space, domains, bandwidth, server software, server uptime.

There are two types of web hosting:

Windows web hosting.
Unix/Linux web hosting.

Windows web hosting is very suitable for any website that uses programming environments such as ASP, Visual Basic scripts, Cold Fusion and Microsoft SQL database. Linux web hosting is suitable for Perl, CGI, SSI, PHP and mySQL database. If you are looking for hosting a blog then choose wordpress web hosting or drupal web hosting.

In order to help us to choose the right web hosting service depending on our requirements, the WebHostingRating dot com offer excellent guide for both personal web hosting and business web hosting. It is the world's largest independent web hosting directory featuring complete up-to-date information of all major web hosting providers, monthly best web hosting awards, best web hosting offers, limited discount coupons, and un-edited web host reviews by real customers. Here they list the top web hosting providers according to their rankings and other factors such as price, score, set up fee, disk space, data transfer, hosting review, etc.

Here they provide a comparison chart of Best 10 Web Hosting Sites which helps us in choosing the best web hosting provider. They also provide us with adequate information on various features of each and every web host provider.

For more information and queries just have a look at website, which provides adequate solutions to most of the common queries.

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Milton said...

You make some very good points on web hosting. I always choose the best web hosting company, which has good support. I think by comparing to others, we can decide the best.